Easy Phone Big Button Easiphone 715 with Camera & SOS Bracelet


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1 in stock

This model comes with a fully waterproof SOS bracelet which activates the emergency call feature of the phone – dialling through a list of preselected numbers to summon assistance. The bracelet is made of comfortable matte rubber but can also be worn as an SOS pendant to protect delicate skin.

For only £9.99 a month this phone can be linked to our 24/7 Emergency Dialling Service.

The camera allows you to take pictures which can be attached to contacts so you can see at a glance who is calling.

1 in stock

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Additional information

Product features

Waterproof emergency wristband, Camera and sound recording functions, Can read out name or number of incoming caller, ICE (In Case of Emergency) button which will provide relevent medical details to paramedics, Large backlit buttons, Loud ringtones, Variable font size, Torch, Bluetooth

Technical specifications

Clear 1.8” LCD screen, 2.5 hours talk time, 300 hours standby time, MicroSD slot, Width 48mm, Height 108mm, Depth 15mm, Weight 102g


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