Easyphone XL with Table Top Charger

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63 in stock (can be backordered)

63 in stock (can be backordered)

  • User-Friendly Smartphone – Enjoy easy connectivity with our latest Software. Our smartphone for the elderly and 1st Time users includes SOS, WhatsApp free calls, 24/7 support, Picture speed dial, GPS, clear display, Add your own Apps
  • Easy to Use Phone – Ideal for the Elderly and first-time smartphone users, our Smartphone mobile device offers a choice of Large 6″ Home Screens one super simple Ideal for the elderly. No Contract you can use the Easyphone XL with any network,
  • Clear & Expandable Display – Our smart phone for seniors features a large bright expandable screen and easy-to-read fonts for effortless usage. We Include a helpful how-to-use guide for added peace of mind
  • Easy Navigation – Our smartphone for elderly people includes GPS,Bluetooth,Camera,Radio,Torch plus an Exclusive services button for Home maintenance and caregiver booking. Enjoy extended life with the new large battery featuring fast charging.
  • Emergency Assistance – When needed Get quick access to help with optional features like SOS Button , 24/7 Easyphone a trusted UK brand with 24/7 Support ‘Add to Cart’ now and get the ultimate simple mobile phone for elderly.
  • Includes a free table top charger making for easy charging.
  • SPEEDY DELIVERY- All orders are sent 1st class with the royal mail

63 in stock (can be backordered)


Easyphone XL with Table Top Charger

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Easiphone Smart Phone for the Elderly Easy to U…
B08RZ3HHLF / Easiphone
Under promised and over delivered by Jeff Salmon
I have a very elderly relative who is still quite sprightly, and it was about time she was brought into the 21st century insofar that she still was using one of the first Nokias that I’m sure would fetch a great deal at public auction for its vintage value! This is not the first mobile of its type I have bought her but the third. She found the first two not as easy as the instructions had led me to believe it would be. One of my staff members suggested this phone, not least her grandmother was ten years older than my relative and found this one “a doddle”.

The phone arrived at my door less than twelve hours after placing my order.

I am an avid Apple user, and as we all know, the packaging often “says it all”. You would have thought that the packaging of this phone was designed by whoever taught Apple how to package! Just simply superb, and I immediately knew that the contents would also be of good quality and I wasn’t let down.

The packaging contains everything needed and, unusually, even a spare SIM card and a set of earphones (that even Apple don’t include anymore!) The instructions were not (as were the other phones I had purchased) in poor English, but crystal clear as if they had put it past the Plain English Society! Also of importance to me is that the company is based in the UK, which gives me a bit (probably a lot) of extra peace of mind support-wise.

It would be an understatement to say I’m impressed with it, and it was as easy as pie to set up. I’m not techy by any stretch of the imagination and noticed an offer in the brochures to telephone the company if any help might be needed. I phoned them, and they kindly took the time to help me download (I think that’s the right word) my relative’s contacts. Old-fashioned good service. I have just returned back delivering the phone to my relative, and I even went to the trouble of putting it all back in the packaging so she could share the excitement of opening it!

The screen is super large, and there’s a volume boost button that will hopefully ensure that she doesn’t miss any calls.

Well recommended, and I’m contemplating getting one for an elderly neighbour who can more than afford to buy it himself, but his wallet is often hard to open!

Finally, another huge thanks to this company, who were a joy to deal with.

Review Date Product

Easiphone XL
Easyphone XL was a life changer by Graham Garnett
Bought for a 70-year-old friend in a care home, this mobile has, in his words, become a life changer. He’d not got on well with other handsets on the market, but quickly found this lightweight model easy to operate for calls, texts, emailing and internet use. Particularly good are the larger, clear fonts available. He never feels isolated now with the Easyphone XL to hand. Great device.

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Product Description

Easyphone XL with Table Top Charger

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use Smart Phone, that’s also super easy to use, then look no further. This phone comes with the essential apps already installed and that now includes WhatsApp, so you can message, video call and send pictures to your friends and family for free! There is also a health app included that you can use to add reminders about your medication.

The Smart 1 also has excellent safety features built into it, including an SOS button. This will send your location to your six emergency contacts, so they know you need their help, making this an ideal phone for an elderly person. There is also a built-in magnifier app, you can choose which is the best level of magnification to help you read small print or see small objects!

Easiphone Smart 1 is also unlocked, so you won’t be restricted to any network, meaning you can find the deal that best suits you.

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Package Dimensions : 14.1 x 6.6 x 0.9 cm
Weight: 132 Grams
Date First Available : 3 Dec. 2020
Manufacturer : Easiphone

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