We want to hear your stories of caring for family members through this pandemic. What have been your biggest challenges? What unexpected wins have you had?

Dear All,

My grandmother is very happy with her phone, it’s brilliant as the phone is photo recognition and she recognises the buttons, especially as she is none English speaking or reading. She uses WhatsApp to contact to her son, who lives abroad. The SOS button is great encase of emergency, as it sends her daughter a Google maps location message, of my grandmother location, which allows her to get to my grandmother as soon possible.
I love the fact the phone has a rubber case, and a screen protector, which make the phone durable, and prevents any damage when dropped.  It took 2 weeks to train to my grandmother,  how to use the phone, now she independently able use it.

I appreciate the designer/ creator of the Easiphone, as it’s a life line for elderly people to be able to connect with their loved ones, while using smart phone technology.

Mohinder Kaur Atwal (85 years old)