The holiday season ― that wonderful time of fun, friendship and family ― is fast approaching. For the elderly loved ones in your life, the holidays can be special treats. To help ensure that they ― and you ― fully enjoy the holidays. Here are a few elderly care tips you can use to keep your elderly loved ones involved this Christmas season.

Set aside tasks that they can help with.
During the holidays, make a special point of creating and reserving tasks that your elderly loved ones can take part in. Baking and decorating, for example, can get them involved while helping them feel useful.

Visit them, wherever they are.
The elderly who have trouble getting around or who live in nursing homes often are at the mercy of others during the holidays. Make a special point of visiting with grandpa and spending some time together. Bring some fresh-baked gingerbread cookies and a board game, or just sit and chat, bringing him up to speed on the days since you’ve last connected.

Help them use technology to connect.
Oftentimes there are family members who live too far away to visit in person during the holidays. Set up an elderly loved one with a simple tablet computer with access to the Internet. They can use email and interact with family via video chats. Technology can be overwhelming for the elderly, so keep it simple. Start with one app for email and one app for video messaging.

Pool resources for extra assistance.
Another great help for the elderly (and for the rest of the family) during the holiday season is the extra assistance provided by part-time caregivers. If you know you’re going to be busier than usual during the holidays (and who isn’t!), consider pooling resources with siblings to provide additional care giving. This can free up your time to accomplish additional tasks while ensuring that your loved ones are properly cared for.

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