Easiphone Wirefree Remote Headset CL7400

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The Easiphone headset CL7400 are stylish top quality headsets, foldable for easy transportation. The charging POD can be plugged into the TV, Laptop, Audio, MP3 and iPods. The headset has a great feature the high quality CD sound can be turned up to a 125dBspl without affecting the devices volume for others.

This device is great for the hard of hearing without the need to turn up the volume on the TV. If one person likes to read in bed and the other likes to watch TV, wear the comfortable adjustable headsets.

The headset also has a tone control so for those difficult tones which you often mishear for certain presenters. It has a built in charging battery which self charges when placed back on the charging docking POD. Easiphones CL7400 has an indoor range of up to 50 meters from the transmitter and works digitally through walls. Boasting a continuous usage time of 8 hours.

This easy to use stylish device will allow you to hear the beauty of the sound.

The headsets provide amazing quality which can improve the output sound quality of the TV/Hi fi. This product requires a power supply for all the amplification features to work properly.

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30 dB amplification of handset volume, Boost button for maximum amplification (+45 dB), Bypass function switches off the amplifier when a person with normal hearing uses the phone, Sliding volume control, 4-step tone control (high and low sounds), Compatible with all corded telephones with handset cords that can be plugged in at both ends


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