Geemarc Photophone 100


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This phone has 8 large, customisable picture buttons. All you need to do to dial out is press one of the picture buttons and it will automatically connect you, making the PhotoPhone 100 an ideal solution for the young, the elderly and all of us who can never remember telephone numbers.

The PhotoPhone 100 is also amplified, going up to 30dB, with volume control. It has tone control aswell, to adjust the pitch of the telephone to your own hearing loss – a telecoil hidden inside the handset also makes it fully hearing aid compatible. An extra loud adjustable speakerphone makes family phone calls a real pleasure.

Out of stock

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Additional information

Product features

Adjustable receiving volume up to 30dB, Adjustable receiving tone control +/- 10 dB, Handsfree / speakerphone, 3 one touch memory buttons, 8 “photo” ID memory buttons, Flash / Redial, Mute, Big button keypad, Extra clear characters for optional contrast, Unique ergonomic design for ease of use, Redial, Pulse / Tone selector, Ringer visual indicator, Ringer adjustment: Hi / Low/ Off

Technical specifications

Wall mountable, Width 200mm, Height 160mm, Depth 70mm


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