According to research by AgeUK, nearly one in five people currently in the UK will live to see their 100th birthday. As life expectancy lengthens and the ageing population stays at home longer, it is important that they have the vital lifeline of communication.

Older people and those with some disabilities can find modern mobile phones daunting and difficult to use. As the phones get smaller and the applications sleeker, making calls can be a challenge.

Many people just want a simple, easy-to-use phone in, but they don’t want to worry about touch screens, small buttons and myriad features. At Easiphones we’ve stripped phones back to make them user-friendly, but added in a few emergency features across our large selection of specially designed accessible phones.

We have a range of phones from android to shockproof, so finding the right Easiphone is simple. Our phones feature large keypads with bigger buttons, loudspeakers, large fonts, extra large displays and loud ringers.

We have a range of phones and bracelets with an SOS button that can be linked to our 24/7 emergency call centre for £9.99 a month with no long-term contract. The Care Centre response team will have medical notes to hand and will call through a list of pre-designated contacts until someone is able to assist quickly, or else they will contact the relevant emergency services. This gives family and friends peace of mind that their elderly loved ones are connected to help if it’s needed.

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