Looking For A Christmas Gift?

Here Is Our Simple, Easy to Use Clamshell Flip SIM-Free Mobile Phone With SOS Call Button. Includes Neoprene Splash Proof Case and 12 Month UK Support.

This phone is perfect for those who want a straightforward and easy to use phone. It has been designed with a large display and buttons, so it’s straightforward to navigate. There’s also a loud ringtone, so you will be able to hear your incoming call, even if you’re hard of hearing. There’s also the option to switch your phone to vibrate, if you want to be alerted but don’t want it interrupting you.

This phone will arrive to you unlocked, so it’s not connected to any network. This gives you the complete freedom to pick whichever network suits you and your needs. If this wasn’t enough, we have also built in an SOS button, so you can add up to 5 numbers to call in a click of a button. You set who you want called first and the following people after that. You can then activate the loudspeaker, so you don’t have to keep your phone to your ear throughout the phone call.