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12 in stock

Remind. Schedule. Organise. Connect.

Never miss an appointment or taking your medication. Personalised voice recorded reminders will help loved ones stay on top of medication reminders, schedules and appointments. Remote scheduling via Smart Phone App, offers caregivers and family convenience when setting up and modifying reminders.

Voice – enriched

No more beeps and alarms. Recordings of a familiar voice of a family member or caregiver truly personalises remote care. The Quick Message function via a Smart Phone App enables caregivers to send instant reminders, schedule updates, medication reminders or a quick greeting to stay connected.


Designed to personalise remote care. Its customised recordings, ease of use and event-driven capabilities enable remote care that is senior-friendly, effective and truly personal. Our system can support multiple Easicall units in one or many locations.

How is Easicalls unique?

  • Familiar voice reminders
  • Remote scheduling by carers and family via easy to use Apps
  • Instant push voice messages
  • Unlimited voice recordings
  • Does not require prompting by user to activate
  • Message confirmation
  • Unlimited Free Calls

12 in stock

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