Easiphone Sonic Extra Loud Traveller Alarm Clock

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Easiphone Sonic Traveller Alarm Clock – Loud Alarm Clock for the Hard of Hearing.

The Easiphone Sonic Traveller is the newest in Easiphone’s extensive range of specialised loud phones and alarm clocks.

Ideal for the hard of hearing, heavy sleepers or just to get the kids out of bed in the morning!The Sonic traveller is not only sleek in its design but also compact for travel and loud and clear to make you up in the mornings, whether you are travelling or at home.An ideal companion for those on the go, take the Sonic Traveller with you on your business travels or on holiday and charge your phone at the same time using the USB charging port at the back.

The 75dB will wake even the lightest sleepers, or if you prefer not to wake your sleeping partner, the under pillow vibration pad will wake you without waking others.The bright red display is easy to see and adjustable so you can choose the setting you want.

Out of stock

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30 dB amplification of handset volume, Boost button for maximum amplification (+45 dB), Bypass function switches off the amplifier when a person with normal hearing uses the phone, Sliding volume control, 4-step tone control (high and low sounds), Compatible with all corded telephones with handset cords that can be plugged in at both ends


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