Communication is not straightforward and effortless for everybody, but at Easiphone we are working hard to change that with the launch of our brand new services, designed to increase accessibility for the elderly and disabled.

According to Age UK there are now more people in the UK aged over 60 than there are under 18 and with the number of 55-64 year olds living alone constantly increasing, social isolation is a grave concern – making accessible communication key.

We already provide a large range of landline and mobile phones for those who may otherwise struggle with conventional designs, but our latest advancements have made our specialist services a little bit more valuable for you.

When talking to our customers we often hear that one of the most difficult parts of purchasing a new phone is the setup process, which is why we provide a service for our customers to have their phones pre-programmed with friends and family’s numbers prior to receiving their handset – so our customers can use them effectively from the moment they arrive.

But that’s not all we are doing to help you. We feel that one of our most innovative new features this year is the option for our customers to have their mobile phones monitored 24 hours a day using our professional Emergency Dialling (Telecare) System.

Users with the Emergency Dialling Service are supplied with a splashproof emergency alarm bracelet which is linked to their mobile phone, if at any point they find themselves in difficulty they simply press the button on their wristband which connects to their mobile automatically calling our 24/7 emergency care line for assistance.

They can then speak to our specially trained operators who will assess the situation and contact their emergency contact on their behalf or in extreme cases the emergency services. Even in the event that the user is unable to talk, the operator will notify the emergency services direct – a feature that is exclusive to us.

Our emergency dialling system and SOS bracelet phones mean that you no longer have to worry about what could happen when you are out and about, you can get on with your everyday lives with the reassurance that should anything ever happen, help is always on hand.

While other Telecare systems are available these tend to restrict users to being indoors. Our 24/7 system gives our users the security and freedom outside of their home, providing freedom and security for our users and peace of mind to their family and friends.

We already offer a well-established monitoring service to our landline customers, but by now offering these to our mobile customers we can ensure that the elderly and disabled have the freedom and reassurance of having security outside of their home, wherever and whenever.