Easiphone are always looking for ways to help improve the quality of life and safety of our customers as well as providing big button mobile phones for the elderly.

To this end we have developed a new product which aims to assist in cases where an emergency happens away from home or people who know the customer.

The device is a USB stick which is pre-loaded with all the medical data concerning the person carrying it and is in a format that medical professionals such as paramedics and doctors can quickly download and understand. The stick is provided with a keyring attachment and a lanyard to wear round the neck and is splash proof.

The MedInfo Stick is already attracting attention from some major charities that see a great use for it for people who may have Alzheimer’s disease or a similar condition. It also brings peace-of-mind to the families because they can update the information easily and be assured that paramedics and doctors can get any vital information quickly and easily. Along with family contact details, the information can also cover medical ailments, known drug allergies and special information in case of an emergency.

The potential users of this device are limitless – it’s a modern way of bringing peace of mind. The stick is robust and easily updated by anyone with a computer. It’s that ease-of-use which will enable doctors and paramedics access the information they may need when the patient is, confused, incapacitated or in a foreign country. It’s also a great way for the general public and police to help someone who may be confused and lost to find their family and friends.

The MedInfo stick can be found in the accessories section of our shop. The accessories section also has a number of other products such as landline amplifiers, visual ringing indicators etc. As always we have a wide range of big button easy to use mobile and landline phones available to suit any need.