Growing old is something that none of us can avoid, but should growing old mean that you are waving goodbye to human interaction?

The Campaign to End Loneliness reveals a shocking truth about life for the elderly in Britain. According to recent statistics there are over 800,000 people in England who are chronically lonely – a statistic that shouldn’  even be an issue according to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Speaking at the National Children and Adult Services (NCAS) conference, he insisted entering into old age “should not involve waving goodbye to one’s dignity.”

“Each and every lonely person has someone that could visit them and offer companionship.” So why do five million people in Britain state that the television is their main form of company? This is a generation that have fought in World Wars, dealt with the hardship of bringing up families during recessions, but as soon as they get to a certain age they are first to be shipped off into residential care homes with no form of human interaction.

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