If you have an elderly relative or friend you’ll know how difficult it can be to encourage them to keep in regular contact with you and if they don’t get in touch it can often leave you worrying. Their first and foremost worry is often not wanting to ‘trouble’ you, but once you’ve explained you actively want them to phone you further problems can stop them doing so.

One of these problems stopping elderly people from trying to contact their relatives and friends is being unable to use their land line phones and mobile phones with out trouble. Easiphone offer a solution-

Mobile Phones

It can be easy to forget that not everybody is accustomed to using mobile phones. For the younger generation using a mobile is second nature and for many of us being without our mobile phone can leave us feeling uneasy. This however is not the case for the older generation, who got by just fine without a mobile phone and probably still find them slightly unnecessary.

Today mobile phones are very advanced and they can be very difficult to use for someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience with mobiles before. Just like anyone else though having a mobile phone can offer great safety to an elderly person, whether this be when they are out of the house, or even in the house on an occasion when they may not be able to make it to their home phone.

At Easiphone we understand the difficulties elderly people can have when it comes to mobile phones, but we also understand the safety benefits and for this reason believe every elderly person could benefit from owning a mobile phone. We create easy to use mobiles featuring larger buttons, larger text and general simplicity to de-complicate things.

Your elderly relative or friend may have a mobile phone already, but their inability to use it may cause frustration putting them off contacting you. To be sure they can get in touch whenever they need to consider giving them a mobile phone specifically designed to make use easy for the elderly.

Land Line Phones

A house phone or land line phone is the traditional method of contact as far as the elderly are concerned and for many a house phone has been featured in their home as long as they can remember. But just because they have been using a house phone for a long time doesn’t mean it doesn’t get more difficult as they get older.

For those deterred from using a mobile phone having a land line phone they are confident with using is essential and of course a good house phone is important anyway as this probably will be their preferred method of contact. This is why we offer simple to use big button land line phones, with the options of speed dial and emergency SOS pendants, making it easy for the elderly to get in touch with whoever they need and when necessary call for help quickly.

Encourage your elderly relatives and friends to keep in touch and make sure they can do so with ease by investing in easy to use phones for them in 2014. Just knowing they are safe will put you at ease and it will also make them feel more relaxed knowing they can contact you any time they need to without trouble.