From integrated HD cameras to phones that can unlock your car – these days mobile phones are loaded with the latest technology and gadgets to make life easier, but what about those that struggle with conventional designs?

According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are currently 800,000 people living with Dementia in the UK alone, and with the number of 55-64 year olds living alone constantly increasing, social isolation (a risk factor of Dementia) is a grave concern.

With the launch of our 24/7 emergency dialling (Telecare) services, SOS bracelet phones and now with the unveiling of our latest GPS Android phone and tablet device, at Easiphone we are working hard to make life easier and communication more accessible for vulnerable people across the country.

For those suffering from Dementia something as simple as finding their way back from the shops can be a huge obstacle for them, but with our latest technology help is always on hand to get them The GPS Android phone allows the users steps to be traced; should they find themselves lost and confused they can contact our 24/7 emergency care line or a pre-programmed family member who can track their exact location via a secure web portal and help them home.

We know how difficult caring for someone with Dementia can be, but our latest technology is on hand to make life a little bit easier for them. Our GPS Android phone gives them the freedom to enjoy life outside of their home with the knowledge that should they ever find themselves in difficulty help is always on hand at the push of a button – providing freedom and security for the user, but also peace of mind for their family and friends.

Sometimes the interface for these smartphones can be confusing and hard to read which is why we have collaborated with the developers of “Big Launcher”. This is a customisable user interface for android phones which has been designed specifically for the elderly and disabled. Head over to our product videos section to see what a good job “Big Launcher” does of simplifying the smartphone experience without reducing its functionality.

At Easiphone we don’t believe that age or disability should affect your way of life, so we work hard to provide products and services to help you get on with the things you need to with the knowledge that someone is always there, whatever you need.

This easy to use mobile has a clear colour screen which is super easy to read and big buttons which make dialling a breeze. As providers of mobile phones for seniors we have been offering this model for a long time and have always had positive feedback about it.