Christmas seems to come round so quickly each year and even though you anticipate it and try to be organised there is always that one friend or relative that is a nightmare to buy for. In this case, it is the grandparents.

When it comes to gifts for the grandparents you want to get a gift that shows that you put some thought into it but also something that they are likely to use and enjoy.

This year there’s a solution for the grandparents, thanks to Easiphone. With a brand new range including an SOS bracelet phone and a GPS Android phone you can be sure that Easiphone has the product perfect for your relatives for Christmas and beyond, regardless of their technological understanding.

The Easiphone Top 4

1. Easiphone Big Button  Mobile with SOS Bracelet and Camera

Our newest emergency phone. This model comes with a fully waterproof SOS bracelet which once pressed will activate the emergency call feature of the phone, putting you through to either a preselected list of family members or transferring straight to our 24/7 emergency care line through their added telecare service. This phone is ideal for providing your elderly relatives with the freedom and security outside of their home, whilst providing peace of mind for you. At only £69.99 for the handset or as a bundle with the telecare service for just £99.99, this phone is a must for Christmas and thereafter.

2. Bluechip Neon Android Phone

This stylish phone runs on Android making it hugely customisable to suit your needs. Easiphone operatives can fully customise this phone for you with a huge range of features to make your life easier, such as large picture speed dials on the home screen, GPS locating of the phone, easier to use keyboards etc. At just £59.99 this phone is perfect for those looking to stay up to date with the latest gadgets but finding conventional designs tricky.

3. Easiphone Corded Home Phone with Emergency SOS Pendant

For those just looking to add a little peace of mind at home, the Easiphone corded home phone with emergency SOS pendant is perfect for you. The emergency SOS pendant allows the user to activate the phone remotely to call for help. The phone can be set up before your order arrives by the Easiphone team to call a relative, a neighbour or for ultimate peace of mind it can be linked to Easiphone’s 24/7 emergency careline. At only £39.99, this phone has everything you need from a home phone with the added knowledge that your elderly relative has the security and support in an emergency should they ever need it.

4. Easiphone Big Button Cordless Home Phone with Picture Speed Dial Buttons

Looking for a phone that is so simple and easy to use that anyone could use it? Well this is the phone for you. The main feature of this phone are the four large speed dial buttons on the base which have the space to hold a picture of the person to be called. This innovative cordless phone has all the features you need for comfort and ease of use and at just £39.99, it is also good value for money.

These are just some of the innovative products that Easiphone provide to make life easier for the elderly relatives we hold close to our hearts – and with a 10% Christmas discounts across all of these products and more, you can afford to give them a gift that they will love for life not just for Christmas.

To view the full range of discounted products head to and don’t forget to receive your 10% Christmas discount by simply entering ‘christmas13’ on checkout.